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BISC - Aya Jayne Artistic Competition 2015

Aya Jayne Interpretation Competition - Tuesday 24th February 2014 5.15 pm


 ** Aya Jayne Artistic Competition RESULTS **


We will be running our annual artistic competition on Tuesday 24th February 2015. This is an opportunity for skaters of all abilities to get creative as there are no set elements and very few rules.  You can choose to interpret a beautiful piece of music, become a character from a film or cartoon or make up a story of your own. You can skate solo or in a group of up to four so it's a great opportunity to skate with friends.

This year we are making a few minor changes to the competition:

Skaters taking part in the competition will have the opportunity to run through their programmes on the Tuesday evening patch sessions from 5pm-5.30. There will be a coach on the ice during these sessions to provide feedback and to allocate the music. They will run from Tuesday 13th January until Tuesday 17th February 2015. We will also be running an artistic workshop on Tuesday 6th January where one of our Bracknell coaches will provide hints and tips on how to put together a good artistic. These sessions will be subject to enough skaters taking part.

Skaters can choose to skate to a piece of music chosen for them (in consultation with the coaching team) or they can skate to a piece they have chosen themselves. If the skater isn't happy with the piece they are given they can still skate to a piece of their own or ask for another suggestion. If you choose your own piece we just ask that you let us know what it is so that we don't give your music to another skater.

Marks will be awarded for interpretation and entertainment only. There will no longer be individual marks awarded for Props/Costume and technical content. 

The closing date for the competition is Friday 9th January. This is earlier than usual as we need to gauge the numbers for the Tuesday evening sessions.

All competitors must be members of Bracknell Ice Skating Club.Competitors must have been coached at Bracknell during the 2014/2015 club year or not have any coach at any rink in order to be able to enter this competition.

For more information and technical criteria please refer to:

- Aya Jayne Artistic Competition Technical Criteria


To register please complete the appropriate registration form at either of the following links below:

- Click this link to register an Individual Entry

- Click this link to register a Group Entry

Further information is on the club noticeboard, however, if you have any questions please contact: