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Bracknell Ice Skating Club - SSJ Competition


 Spin Spiral Jump Competition - 13th October 5.15

*** Spin Spiral Jump RESULTS ***

*** Spin Spiral Jump Competition Running Order ***    Updated 11/10/15



1All entrants must be members of Bracknell Ice Skating Club and can be any age. Members must be currently coached at Bracknell Ice Rink (this includes Bracknell Academy/Learn to skate/Passport courses) in order to enter club competitions or not have any coach at any other rink.


2.  The competition classes may be sub-divided by age if there are too many entries for one class or combined if there are too few entries. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.


3.  The NISA test standard criteria required is as at the date of the draw (9th October). Should an entrant pass a relevant test between entering the competition and the date of the draw, the class will be adjusted accordingly. Only one class may be entered.


4.  Entry is made by completing a competition entry form that can be found on the BISC website or a hard copy can be found in the competition section of the club box in reception. A cheque for the £5 entry fee made payable to Bracknell Ice Skating Club should be placed in a sealed envelope marked “BISC SSJ competition” and put in the club competition entry box by the closing date. The name of the competitor should be written on the back of the cheque. Please do not leave cash as we cannot be held responsible for its safekeeping.


5Please complete this club competition entry form 


6.  No verbal or late entries will be accepted. No forms without the entry fee will be accepted. No refunds will be given for withdrawals unless this is due to injury/illness of the skater or change of competition date.


7.  The closing date for entries is Thursday 8th October 2015 at 5pm


8.  The draw for the skating order will be determined by the use of a random number generator. The timetable for the competition will be posted on the Club notice board and on the competitions section of the website.


9. In cases of uncertainty the Club Competition (free skating) Secretary’s decision is final.


  Class Standard Criteria Elements (in recommended order of skating)
1 Beginner Skaters must not have passed level 1 elements, level 1 free or above level 1 field moves Forward Spiral

Upright spin (min 3 revolutions)

Single salchow
2 Level 1 Skaters must not have  passed level 2 elements or level 2 free Backward Spiral

 Sit spin (min 3 revolutions)
Single loop or toe loop

3 Level 2 Skaters must not have passed level 3 elements or level 3 free 1 step sequence full ice

Camel spin (min 3 revolutions)

Jump combination (no axels) with toe loop as the second jump
4 Level 3 Skaters must not have passed level 4 elements or level 4 free 1 Step sequence full ice

Camel sit combination spin (min 4 revolutions)

Single flip or lutz
5 Level 4 Skaters must not have passed level 5 elements or level 5 free 1 step sequence full ice

Change foot sit spin (min 6 revolutions)

Axel jump combination
6 Level 5 Skaters must not have passed level 6 elements or level 6 free 1 step sequence full ice

Change foot camel spin (min 6 revolutions)

 Double toe loop or double salchow
7 Level 6 and over No maximum standard 1 step full ice

Combination spin min 8 revolutions with a change of foot or min 6 revolutions with no change of foot

double single jump combination or double double jump combination


Note: No variations are permitted to the elements listed for a class for example an upright spin should remain an upright spin throughout and not change to a sit spin.

Skaters should limit the skating between the set elements to forward/backward stroking/crossovers and necessary linking steps only.

 If you have any questions regarding the competition please speak with your coach or contact us at: