b       Bracknell Ice Skating Club Email Newsflash -  April 2018

Please be aware that club patch tomorrow evening will be for soloists in both free and dance that are competing in the Bracknell Opens this week.  Each participant will also need to be a current member of the BISC.


There will be no coaching on the ice during this session and each skater will be given the opportunity of one run through of their routine during the time available.  In the case of skaters competing a short and a long programme (or competing in both dance and free), they will need to choose which routine to run through as we will only have time for one each.


As we are expecting this session to be popular a member of the BISC committee and a coach will be running a ‘list’ and will call skaters forward for their run through.  Others may continue to skate while ‘run throughs’ are taking place.


We hope you enjoy the session and the week.


Thank you.




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