b       Bracknell Ice Skating Club Email Newsflash - February 2018

Dear Members


Many congratulations to the BISC members shown below who passed tests held at Bracknell on 6th February 2018. 


Further congratulations also to Sophie Dracus, who achieved competitive test scores for PDS01 to PDS05 and FDS01 to FDS05 in January in a very successful day in the beginner class at the Telford solo dance competition.  Sophie came first in both pattern dances and was also first in the free dance.  Go Sophie!


If any member has passed a test at another rink or achieved a competetive test score please let me know so that details can be added to a future Newsflash.


Please note that the next date for tests is not yet fixed. Details are currently being finalised.   Any member waiting for a test will be contacted by the Bracknell Test Organiser if their test is scheduled for the next session.


Sofia      Guzmova Khan  FMG01

Maya     Kirby                    FMG01

Krista     Good                   FMG04

Carter Harris                     FMG04

Sophie Dracas                  FMG05

Rosie     Hatton                FMG06

Holly      Jordan                ELS01

Hayley Turton                  ELS01

Tallulah Wray                   ELS03

Hayley Turton                  FRS01

Tallulah Wray                   FRS03


Kind regards


Derek Smith

BISC Secretary


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