b       Bracknell Ice Skating Club Email Newsflash -  July 2019


Dear BISC Members


The BISC Annual Gala will take place on Friday September 27th . The Gala will feature a number of solo, couple or small group slots, synchro, Ice Ability, NTC show number, and a big opening number all BISC members can join in.    The Gala is free to enter and attend and the upstairs seating around the rink will be open for viewing. If you know of groups, clubs, schools who would be interested in attending please email richendahall@hotmail.com.


The aim of the Gala is to exhibit our members’ achievements and successes and to create a lineup spanning all ages, disciplines and demonstrating a range of skating abilities. Skaters allocated solo/couple slots will have their photo and a short biography in the event  program and are also able to invite a guest (plus 1) to attend in the VIP area. This guest may be a head teacher, teacher, or other sports coach etc.


If you would like to be considered for solo slots and/or to take part in the opening number please complete the online form and read the email below in full as there is additional information you will need to be aware of.



All applications to take part as soloists/couples and in the opening number must be received by midnight Monday 27th August 2019.



Opening number

In order to participate in the opening number, skaters must be a current member of BISC .


Rehearsals for the opening number will take place on Tuesday evenings club patch – details to be confirmed.


Solo slots

Solo/couple/artistic skaters will be ‘invited’ to take up a slot in the event by the Gala sub-committee.  Applying doesn’t mean automatic entry for a solo slot as there is a selection process.  If your application is successful a member of the BISC committee will contact you after the closing date. For photos and bios to be included in the program, they must be provided to the Gala committee by 1 September 2019.  Details of contacts for invitations must be received by Friday 6th September, but preferably  earlier to make it more likely they can attend.  BISC will be sending out invitations to VIP guests from 1st September.


We look forward to receiving your applications.


This year the soloists will be invited to participate based on the criteria below.


Selection Criteria for Solo slots

All skaters must be BISC members in order to take part in the Gala. Skaters of British Ice Skating  level one and above must be current members of British Ice Skating to perform in the gala in order to protect their eligibility.  With the exception of any guest exhibitions, solo slots will be allocated to BISC members who have represented Bracknell at an open competition, British Ice Skating  event, or the NTC between September 2018 and August 2019. 


Allocations will take into account the overall balance of the Gala to maintain audience appeal. There may be more than one skater in some categories. The selection criteria below will be a guide used by the selection committee in our best attempt to make the selection process both fair and transparent to club members. 




Solo Free Skating Slots:

Skaters will be selected from the following categories:

• Beginner

• Level 1

• Level 2

• Level 3

• Level 4-5

• Level 6-7

• Level 8+


Solo Ice Dance Slots and Couples:
(Short dance/Free dance)

Skaters selected from the following categories:

• Level 2 and under 

• Juvenile and under

• Primary

• Basic Novice

• Advanced Novice

• Junior-Senior

• Dance couples


Any discipline 


Priority will be given to the skaters who won the Aya Jayne trophy and the interpretation trophy at the Aya Jayne Artistic competition. 

Opening number

Open to all BISC members.








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