b       Bracknell Ice Skating Club Email Newsflash - September 2017

Please be aware that tomorrow evening will be the last club lesson for 2017 as we get ready for the gala and then the panto.


The format of the session will be the same as previous lessons and will run from 5.45pm to 7.30pm tomorrow evening (12th September 2017).


You are however reminded that you must be a current member of the BISC to take part in these sessions.


Payment for these sessions

These will be pay as you go sessions. When you buy your ticket from reception, it will be for the full evening session.    


Please buy your tickets at reception PRIOR to getting on the ice.  Add the name of the skater to the top of the ticket and hand it to the lead coach on the ice for the session. 


The cost for the session is £10.  In addition, you will also need to pay for the ice that you use as normal unless you are in possession of a valid patch voucher.


In addition, there will be a form in reception.  I would be grateful if you could complete it with the name of the skater etc as directed.  We will use this information to gauge the success of these sessions and to plan for future sessions.


See you all tomorrow...



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