Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

BISC - Club Lesson Schedule 2017

BISC Club lessons

Please note: Club lessons only run during term time and as per the timetable shown below.

We are delighted to inform you that the format of the Club lessons is changing with effect from Tuesday 10th January 2017. 

Firstly, there will now only be club lessons/classes during the Tuesday afternoon club session between 17.45 and 19.30 which means that there will no longer be any club lessons on a Thursday.  In addition, we would like to introduce these sessions to both dance and free skaters.

The on-ice programme for each Tuesday session will be as follows:

30 mins                 Edge Class          (Dance and free skaters together)

30 mins                 Spin Class           (For dance skaters with free coaches)

                            Steps Class         (For free skaters with dance coaches)

30 mins                 Jumps class         (For free skaters)

                            Dance Class        (For dance skaters)

15 mins                 Power                (Dance and free skaters together)

All of the above will take place on the ice in groups as appropriate which will be determined by the coaches on the ice during the session. The rinks own coaches will be running the sessions.

For those skaters that do both dance and free, they may join any class they choose to on the day, but we do ask that they stay in that group for the entire session.

Payment for these sessions

These will be pay as you go sessions. When you buy your ticket, it will be for the full evening session.  It will not be possible for you to buy tickets for individual lessons.

Please buy your tickets at reception PRIOR to getting on the ice.  Add the name of the skater to the top of the ticket and hand it to the lead coach on the ice for the session. 

The cost for the session is £10.  In addition, you will also need to pay for the ice that you use as normal unless you are in possession of a valid patch voucher.

In addition, there will be a form in reception.  I would be grateful if you could complete it with the name of the skater etc as directed.  We will use this information to gauge the success of these sessions and to plan for future sessions.

FOR YOUR DIARIES - Dates of club lessons during the spring term

Please be reminded that club sessions are open to club members only and will take place during term time and on days when the club is not running other events. Please keep a look out for newsflashes and check the website for any changes.

This term there will be fewer club lessons as we look forward to hosting the Aya Jayne competition as well as preparing for the National Team Challenge (NTC) due to take place in July.

Tuesday 25 April

Club Lessons 17.45-19.30

Tuesday 2 May

Club Lessons 17.45-19.30

Tuesday 9 May

Aya Jayne Artistic Competition - No club lessons

Tuesday 16 May

NTC Rehearsals - No club lessons

Tuesday 23 May

NTC Rehearsals - No club lessons

Tuesday 30 May

Half Term

Tuesday 6 June

NTC Rehearsals - No club lessons

Tuesday 13 June

NTC Rehearsals - No club lessons

Tuesday 20 June

NTC Rehearsals - No club lessons

Tuesday 27 June

NTC Rehearsals - No club lessons

Tuesday 4 July

Club Lessons 17.45-19.30

Tuesday 11 July

NO Club lessons - session exclusively for British Dance
Championships 2017 competitors 17.45 - 19.30

Tuesday 18 July

Club Lessons 17.45-19.30

N.B. The above dates are provided as an indication only and may change. It is likely that we will have additional club competitions in the spring term so, please keep an eye out for newsflashes and check the website for any changes.