Bracknell Ice Skating CLub

BISC - Aya Jayne Artistic Competition 2019

Aya Jayne Interpretation Competition - Tuesday March 5th 2019 at 6pm.

• All competitors must be members of Bracknell Ice Skating Club. Competitors must have been coached at Bracknell during the 2018/19 club year or be an active club member and taken part in the NTC, Gala or Panto. The competition is open to all members irrespective of age.

Classes may be added, cancelled or combined depending on numbers.

• The closing date for entries is 5pm Friday 15th Feb 2019, however in the event of there being too many entries for the time available, entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

• Entries received after the competition is fully allocated and before the closing date will go on a waiting list in case a competitor withdraws.

• The draw for order will be determined on a random number basis on Monday 25th Feb 2019 and the order list will be posted on the website shortly thereafter.

• The NISA test standard required is the test level held as at the closing date of the competition. A competitor may apply to compete in a higher class than their test level allows only if they are officially scheduled to take the relevant test for the next level up after the draw date but on or before the date of competition and if their coach agrees that they may skate in that higher class. The application must be made before the date of the draw. In any case of uncertainty, the decision of the club competition secretary (free skating) is final.

For more information and technical criteria please refer to:  

- Aya Jayne Artistic Competition Technical Criteria

To register please complete the appropriate registration form at either of the following links below:

- Click this link to register an Individual Entry

- Click this link to register a Group Entry

Further information is on the club noticeboard, however, if you have any questions please contact: